Job Vacancies

Thank you for sharing your interest in Colegio Nueva Granada. We are focusing on identifying candidates with years of prior experience in the specific subject area, advanced degrees aligned to the position, and a successful track record of longevity at each post.  

JOB OPENINGS for the 2022-2023 School Year:

Elementary School (2 openings)

Grade 3 Homeroom

STEAM/Math Coach

Middle School (4 openings)

General Math/Science

Physical Education/Health

Humanities: English/Language Arts & Social Studies (2 openings)

High School (5 openings)

AP Calculus/Calculus

Algebra/Geometry (2 openings)

Guidance Counselor

AP Statistics/Statistics

Learning Center/Gifted-and-Talented (1 opening)

MS/HS Gifted-and-Talented Teacher

Administration (1 opening)

Elementary School Associate Principal

CNG Recruiting Team:

  • Dr. Eric H. Habegger – Director
  • Mr. Donald Bertolo - Primary School Principal
  • Ms. Michelle Cruckshank – Elementary School Principal
  • Ms. Ashley Barker – Middle School Principal
  • Mr. Ivan Velasco – High School Principal
  • Ms. Catalina Artunduaga- Learning Center Director
  • Ms. Ana María Rodríguez - Human Resources Director

Recruiting Fairs:

  • GRC in Dubai
  • SEARCH in Panama City
  • AASSA in Atlanta
  • SEARCH in Toronto
  • ISS in Atlanta
  • ISS in Bangkok
  • SEARCH in Bangkok
  • SEARCH in Cambridge
  • ISS in New York
  • SEARCH in San Francisco


To apply, candidates need to register their application on our CNG database FastTrack (see tutorial)

*CNG promotes and protects the rights of children to physical and psychological well-being. In line with the school's Child Protection Policy and Guidelines, we implement safe recruitment procedures to ensure that all potential members of staff undergo comprehensive criminal background checks. We also require references from previous direct supervisors for all finalist candidates.

* For any positions that do not show up on the apply online link, please send your resume to