To start the Withdrawal process please contact the admissions office via one of these options:

Telphone: Direct: (+571) 552-6484 or PBX (+571) 212-3511 Ext. 106 or Ext 231

Email: admissions@cng.edu


Parents/guardians of students who will be leaving CNG must provide a signed written withdrawal form for each student as soon as they know their child’s last day of class. Print out the form found below and return it completed along with any recommendation forms* provided by the receiving school to the Admissions Office or by email, scanned and attachment to admissions@cng.edu 


*Make sure to talk to the teacher letting them know that you need a recommendation from them that will be sent by the admissions office for them to fill out.


Contact the admissions office by email, phone, or in person to discuss the application process to the new school/schools. Please bring any recommendation forms provided by the receiving school and the name of each teacher who must fill it out. Also, make sure to talk to the teacher letting them know that you need a recommendation from them, and that it will be sent by the admissions office to fill out.



-CNG will have 10 working days to fill out any recommendations and provide transcripts.

-Please note that to be able to send/receive these documents you must be in good economic standing with CNG.

-Recommendations are CONFIDENTIAL documents and will be sent directly to the school you are applying to by email or given in a sealed envelope to ensure confidentiality.

-End of year transcripts will be provided the week after the last day of school. Please call to make sure it is ready.

-End of year transcripts will be released after all outstanding fees are paid and all library books are returned.


Finance Department:

-If you leave during the school year and CNG owes you money, we have 30 days to process the request and have a check in pesos in your name for you to pick up at the cashiers desk (first floor administration building).  

-Please note that CNG does not bill for partial cycles. If your child attends class for at least 1 day of the cycle, the entire cycle will be billed.

-For more information please contact Yeimy Toncel at ytoncel@cng.edu or at Tel:2123511 Ext. 204


Uniform Recycling Program:

CNG is now launching the Uniform Recycling Program to benefit our sister school: Colegio Fundación Nueva Granada. Please fell free to donate all used uniforms in good conditions to make them available at a lower price and benefit our entire community. HOW IT WORKS: - Deposit uniform items in one of the Fundación donation boxes located in all three CNG gates - Community members may purchase gently used uniform items at the CNG Reception Desk in the Administration Building (Note: This project is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals).

Laura de Brigard
Admissions Director
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