Colegio Nueva granada - Celebrating 75 years
  • 1938

    Fred Dever, Doris de Samper and Irving C. Byington open the  Anglo-American School, Colombia’s first English-speaking school. The school’s doors were first opened in an old house in Calle 34, in Teusaquillo.

  • 1939

    The school, with 65 students enrolled, moves to a new and more spacious facility in Villa Sofia, located on Carrera 7 with Calle 66. The house was originally built by President Rafael Reyes for his wife at the turn of the century.

  • 1942

    The Anglo-American School changes its name to become Colegio Nueva Granada. Having outgrown the facilities once again CNG moves to a rented estate called Quinta Chipre, located on Carrera 7 with Calle 71.

  • 1943

    CNG becomes part of the Association of Schools in Latin America; later known as the Inter-American School Service (IASS).

  • 1946

    The Parent Teacher Association is created. The school relocates once again to the former Japanese Embassy building on Carrera 3 with Calle 76 while the site (which would later become CNGs current location) is purchased above Urbanizacion las Acacias.  

  • 1952

    The first 9th grade graduation at CNG is held at Teatro Metro in Teusaquillo.  

  • 1957

    Full accreditation of the school is granted by the Colombian Ministry of Education.

  • 1959

    CNG moves to its present campus on Carrera 2 Este No. 70 - 20.

  • 1961

    Full accreditation of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) is granted to CNG.

  • 1962

    The first CNG Class in history graduates under the “Preparing tomorrow’s leaders” banner.

  • 1963

    Six new classrooms and a multipurpose room are built for the elementary school as the new High School building is completed. CNG seniors enjoy their first prom.

  • 1968

    The Administration building is built. CNG’s student enrollment surpasses the one-thousand students’ mark with 1,158 students.

  • 1969

    The High School Library, which would later come to be known as the Elisa Vargas Library (EVL), is completed.

  • 1971

    The High School Gym is inaugurated.

  • 1973

    The Instructional Media Center (IMC) is built.

  • 1975

    The Middle School is established.

  • 1977

    The first computer is introduced at CNG.

  • 1978

    Elisa Vargas, one of the school’s most important figures, retires. The High School Library is renamed in her honor.

  • 1981

    CNG reinforces its support of the less privileged members of Colombian society through social responsibility programs.

  • 1983

    The old Administration building is converted into classrooms and a new building is constructed for the Administration. The Elisa Vargas Library is renovated as a new fine arts center and computer facilities are established.

  • 1988

    CNG celebrates its first 50 years. The Elementary School Gym is built as the construction if the CNG theatre begins.

  • 1993

    The CNG Cafeteria (now known as the CNG Diner) is constructed.

  • 1996

    A new system of electives is introduced in High School to guide students in their search for a professional vocation.

  • 2004

    The former IMC building is replaced by a new, more spacious structure.

  • 2006

    CNG receives the Simon Bolivar medal in the Golden Cross category awarded by the Ministry of Education

  • 2008

    The new Athletics Field is built on the site of a former parking lot.

  • 2010

    The EVL is remodeled.

  • 2013

    CNG celebrates its first 75 years.

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