Colegio NUEVA GRANADA makes a very intentional effort to exert a positive influence on society beyond the confines of our campus. This desire to assume a leadership position in social and educational challenges facing Colombia and other parts of the world is an outgrowth of our mission and philosophy. We say that our mission is to develop leaders. We envision our graduates with the skills to be leaders and we want them to develop a sense of social and civic responsibility. In order to accomplish this mission we have to go beyond simply teaching what this means and give our students both examples and experiences.

One of the ways in which we have sought to provide an example to our students has been the creation of the Colegio Fundación Nueva Granada and the Alianza Educativa.

These two programs, which serve nearly 5,500 disadvantaged children, give an example of how serious we are as a school community in our commitment to improving educational opportunities for children in the lower economic strata. Besides providing an example, these projects give our students hands-on experiences with this type of service. As these projects have become known, they are being used as a model for similar projects outside of Colombia.

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