Welcome Letter
By Dr. Eric H. Habegger
School Director

On behalf of our more than 300 returning teachers and the entire administrative team, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you as we enter the 2013-14 school year. With classes officially beginning on Tuesday, August 13, we are putting the finishing touches on our summer renovations and completing our week-long professional development, training, and orientation sessions with our faculty. We will be fully ready next week to welcome back the school community and begin classes with a record enrollment of 1,840 students expected to start the year.

I predict that you and your kids will be excited to see the many renovation projects on our campus, which will allow our students even more opportunities to learn and grow this year. Beyond these improvements in our current facilities, you will also see further expansion in educational technologies and infrastructure with a new high-speed wireless system, more iPad class sets along with upgraded tech labs and library/media centers. As a result of the long-range planning initiatives of our Board of Directors and Admin Team, you will be continuing to see our teachers using an expanded range of innovative strategies and technological tools to advance the learning of your children over the next months and in years ahead.

You will be receiving more information about the start of the year from our respective building principals, and they will be sharing even more details with you about the significant ongoing improvements in teaching and learning at CNG. We expect a great year ahead as CNG continues moving forward and upward in providing a high-quality education in developing mind, body, and character within all of our students.

Welcome to 2013-14 and to the amazing possibilities that await!

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