Community Service Program

HS students must complete mandatory 80 hours of service as a requirement by Colombian law and as a CNG expectation. We strive for our students to develop a deep understanding of the community's needs and how their time, talents and effort can help diminish some of these needs, ultimately making the world a better place.

Seniors with continuous commitment to service programs are recognized during the Graduation Commencement Ceremony.

The Community Service Department offers programs that allow our students to participate in well-run volunteering experiences, where the 3 component community service plan is present. To truly reap the benefits of participating in community service programs, students participate in the Preparation (planning and training) stage, the Action (hands-on activity) and in the Reflection portion (verbal or written) of all service activities.

Service opportunities are managed directly by the Community Service Department, found in the High School Building, office H212.

Important Forms for Students:

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