Student Council (STUCO)

Advisor: Pascale Richard

Grade 9 members:

1- Isabel Serna 2- Hyman Abadi 3- Nicolas De la Pava 4- Alejandra Lopez 5- Tomas Pinzon

Honorary members: 1- Isabela Puyana 2- Juliana Sanchez

Grade 10 members:

1- Yootaek Oh 2- Alejandro lesmes 3- Maria Vernaza 4- Cristina Uribe 5- Gregory Goldemberg & Ana Maria Samper (tie)

Honorary member: Daniela Velez

Grade 11 members:

1- Mariana Linares    2- Daniel Bustamante 3- Vyvyan Prado 4- Cristina Lobo-Guerrero    5- Juan Enrique Aya

Honorary members:  1-Camila Aparicio2- Camila Franco

Grade 12 members:

1- Mariana Valencia  2- Francisco Serna 3- Alberto Andrade 4- Lina Merizalde 5- Manuela Lizarralde

Honorary members:  1-Andrea Copello 2-Eugenia Camargo

Who We Are
Student Council (STUCO) is a democratic organization formed by class representatives chosen by their peers. Its purpose is to represent the student body, taking into consideration their ideas, interests and concerns. In the high school, this organization promotes a sense of belonging and responsibility to the community through activities such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, and Easter. Once a month, STUCO also organizes Lunch-A-Month by bringing different restaurants to school during lunch time. The goal of this project is to raise funds for student activities. STUCO meetings take place every Tuesday during lunch and members should be hardworking responsible leaders who value efficiency, as well as respect others and their ideas. After becoming a member, elections are held within student council to assign the roles of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and treasurer.

Vision Statement
The National Association of Student Councils promotes and provides leadership development opportunities to prepare and empower student leaders to serve their schools and communities.

We Believe…

Empowered students are vehicles for positive change in their school and community. 
Student leaders have the responsibility to be positive role models. 
Student councils play a vital role in preserving knowledge of and practice in the democratic process. 
Leadership training programs are essential to allow developing leaders to achieve their full potential. 
Involvement in state and national programs enhances the local school's leadership development program. 
Student council programs are stronger when all students are encouraged to participate. 



Presides over meetings, 
Only votes in case of tie, 
Will represent student body when needed, 
Oversees and if necessary delegates operations of all committees, 
Shall remind those that are neglecting their duties, 
Shall call special meetings with consent of advisor, 
Appoint all committees with advice of Council, 
Will serve as the voice of council in front of the administration and meet with them on a regular basis. 


Calls special meetings when necessary, 
Presides in absence of President 
Becomes president if position needs to be filled, 
Assists President in carrying out administrative duties. 


Prepares agenda, 
Keeps complete records of Student Council activities, attendance and meetings, 
Posts information and communications in office window for the benefit of the student body, 
Maintains all Council correspondence 


Keeps complete financial records 
Submits reports to Council at each meeting. 


Participate on all functions of the council. 
Acts as bridge between the student body and the executive committee. 
Shall inform and encourage students to participate in the activities organized by the council. 
Must honor the Student Council at all times. 

Honorary Members

Participate in proposal of ideas. 
Must follow all applicable council rules.

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