Model United Nations (MUN)

Advisors: Humberto Salazar, Mark Helma, German Osorio, Becca La piana, Danielle Jantzi
Secretary General:  
Vice General:                                      


To prepare students to be the leaders that impact Colombia and the world at large. These leaders will exemplify social awareness and knowledge of the problems Colombia experiences, as well as those happening worldwide. In effect, the student leader will be one who is willing to solve problems by putting forth constructive discussions, showing understanding, and respecting and accepting other points of view.
To foster diplomacy by educating the mind, developing integrity and training the young in leadership skills.

The MUN program aims to provide students with the necessary tools to accomplish its mission. That is, to prepare the leaders need Colombia and in the world. 

The MUN program provides the opportunity for our students to take up the role of an ambassador to the United Nations. Through this experience, students will learn to research, write essays, speak in public, solve problems, build consensus, and resolve conflicts—all in an environment where commitment and cooperation predominate. 

Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations organization where the students represent a country assuming the role of an ambassador. 
Who are we:

Model United Nations (M.U.N.) is an organization that seeks to make an accurate academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate its participants in the process. Harvard National Model United Nations, founded in 1955 was the first of these starting a tradition of academic excellence reflected in its participants. Colegio Nueva Granada Model United Nations (M.U.N.C.N.G.) upholds these traditions as well as being one of the pioneers in Latin-American having the first Model in Colombia held in 1982. MUNCNG had one of its most important milestones in 2008 with the adoption of the motto Sovereign Humanity. With it, combining two of the most instrumental elements of the conference: the sovereignty of states and the inviolability of human rights, creating a strong basis for what the MUN experience should be. 

The most important goal for MUN is to teach its participants, not only making more competitive students but also, making them better world citizens. Students that participate must be willing to go beyond academically when investigating and understanding current world issues. During the model these issues will be discussed and debated. In order to do this effectively, students will develop skills such as addressing an audience and speaking truthfully, making arguments with validity and support. By doing this students will learn the importance of a diplomatic way to solving problems using peace and dialogue. 

Part of the academic value of these models is the places where they are held and the people that attend them. Students that participate will be exposed to people of different cultural backgrounds, especially in national and international conferences. This will not only make them more independent but also, help them in developing skills for being in this type of environment. These make MUN a rich academic experience helping its member develop as human beings while understating the complex political, social and economic issues that move our world today.

MUNCNG takes place in Bogota in February 2012. The place where the model takes place varies according to our need. This year’s model, MUNCNG XXX, will take place in Colegio Nueva Granada to accomplish several of the model’s goals. These goals include: increasing the academic level, raising school spirit and making the event more exclusive. By bringing the model to school we also wish to give the image of MUN as an event and an organization so both are known and gain more participation.

When CNGMUN will take place February 1-4, 2012. This is a yearly conference, for this reason, preparation prior to the event is essential to its success. Part of this preparation will take place along the academic year. During these first four months of school we will have simulations and training in order to maintain the model’s academic level.

A delegate is a student who assumes the role of an ambassador to the United Nations. Prior to the conference a Delegate does not need extensive experience in international relations. ANYONE can participate in Model United Nations, so long as they have the ambition to learn something new and to work with people to try and make a difference in the world. 

It is important for a CNG student to be part of MUN because MUN provides a learning experience where the students will learn through their participation in the conferences to investigate current events; to present their countries positions; to understand and accept other positions; to learn vital skills in negotiation, public speaking, problem solving, conflict resolution, research and communication; and it also promotes the students’ interest in the world around them and broadens a students’ knowledge in a variety of subjects. MUN also gives students the opportunity to meet interesting new people and to make new friends.

The agenda items discussed in committees vary at each conference. Most conferences tend to focus on current affairs issues that are being discussed in the United Nations. These issues can highlight political, financial and social concerns. Some other committees might address hypothetical concerns or issues from the past or future. For example, many conferences have crisis committees, in which delegates must react to a hypothetical or actual crisis situation. Other conferences host historical or future Security Council simulations. Also, each conference discusses different topics and students represent different countries and they need to research the country profile and the country position toward the topics being discussed.

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