Andean Team

Advisor: Guzmán Julio

The SENIOR ANDEAN TEAM is an extracurricular student organization conformed by, the Andean teacher sponsor, CNG Publications Senior Graphic Designer, and 10 volunteer Senior Students. The Andean Team meets every Thursday at lunch time. 

This team is overseen by the Editorial Andean Committee conformed by the High School Principal, 12th grade counselor, Publications and Media Services Director and CNG Director - whose primary function is to ensure that CNG Code of Honor, Philosophy, Vision and Mission are respected and reflected throughout this important historical CNG publication.

Our purpose is to produce a CNG school yearbook filled with memories of the school year that students, staff, and parents will treasure for many years to come. It is our goal to represent classes, faculty & staff, special activities, clubs & organizations, fine arts, and athletics at CNG. Each year, Andean Team students choose a theme, which is carried throughout the book in artwork, headlines, and copy.  In addition, the Andean Committee is responsible for:  

• Art for the Andean Front and Back Cover, 
• Chapter Introductory Pages (All School, Governance, Seniors, HS, MS, ES, PS, Co-curricular, Arts)
• Four proposals of designs for the Senior Pages (to be used by the senior students)
• Senior Group Picture Location
• Andean Dedication
• Finalization of Senior Pages (will & pictures)
• Special Pages Senior Section (Insert)    
• Fund raising to pay for Andean printer cost:
• Parent Dedications
• Advertisements     
• Historical Section (CNG News, World News, etc.)
• Share with all fellow senior students, guidelines and deadlines for complying with senior will/senior page.

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