Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices is a program designed to help teachers and parents learn different ways to handle interpersonal relationship problems. It is known that anger and resentment can produce much damage and that, if the pain that has been caused isn't handled in a positive way, it may continue to affect individuals throughout their lives. Restorative Practices aims to teach a variety of strategies to help heal the wounds caused by misunderstandings, bullying, and other reactions and behaviors that cause harm to others. The program also strives to help the person causing the harm to develop empathy and understanding.

For the last five years, CNG has been committed to training staff members and parents in the use of Restorative Practices in order to unify the strategies we know are effective in healing interpersonal relations.

Volunteering for Restoratives Practices

The first step to participate in this initiative is to take the training and implement it at home and at work. Parents all must pay for the training (includes a book and lunch). The opportunity to receive additional training in order to become an official trainer is also given at CNG.  

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