Who We Are

The Asociación de Padres de Familia (ASOPADRES) at Colegio Nueva Granada is a private, non-profit organization, formed by a group of parents who share the same principles and education philosophy as the school. It is due to the more than 400 parents that have registered to be a part of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) that we have been able to sponsor a great amount of school projects and activities. In order to register to be a part of the PTA each family must pay an annual fee of $250,000 Colombian pesos which all go toward the funding of ASOPADRES activities. All of the activities and initiatives we have been a part of are aimed at educational, cultural, scientific, and healthy recreational purposes.

We aim to:

  • help fulfill CNG’s vision, mission and philosophy by organizing a variety of activities;

  • contribute to the school in obtaining useful resources for educational purposes, improvement and maintenance, sports facilities, technology, and cultural and recreation activities;

  • help provide all the materials necessary for the adequate education and welfare of CNG students;

  • encourage the development of an environment of trust, tolerance and respect among all members of the CNG community;

  • promote parent training and updating;

  • organize cultural, social,and family sporting activities to encourage a continuous relationship amongst the school community;

  • provide services for affiliated members; and

  • sell goods and services to provide income for ASOPADRES.

Our Board (pictured above):

The PTA is managed by the Board of Directors, a Legal Representative, an Accountant a Fiscal Inspector and a Office Assistant.

The past PTA General Assembly was held on August 27, 2015.

The elected Board of Directors was as follows:

Francesca Anaya de Benitez     2015-2016      President  

Angélica Molina Dussan             2015-2016       Vicepresident

Ana María Rocha Peña              2015-2016      Secretary

María Isabel Cifuentes                2015-2016      Treasurer         

María Cristina Aparicio                2015-2016       Member

Diana Londoño Ordoñez             2015-2016       Member

María Fernanda Correa                2015-2016       Member       

Francesca Anaya de Benitez 2015-2016 Legal Representative       

German Torres Pinto 2015-2016 Accountant                      

María Luisa Castañeda 2015-2016 Fiscal Inspector           

Luisa Fernanda Saavedra 2015-2016 Office Assistant           

**The 2016-2017 Board will be chosen once the school year begins in August.**

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