Who We Are

The Asociación de Padres de Familia - ASOPADRES (or Parent Teacher Association - PTA) at Colegio Nueva Granada is a private, non-profit organization, formed by a group of parents who share the same principles, education philosophy, and vision as the school. We aim to work together to provide new resources that add to the assets available for our students’ education. Our efforts are focused on working alongside with teachers to enhance the CNG experience for our students. Together we work towards the improvement of CNG for the benefit of the entire community. All of ASOPADRES’ activities are aimed at educational, cultural, scientific, and recreational purposes.


Help fulfill CNG’s vision, mission and philosophy by working together in Building Community.

Contribute to the school in obtaining useful resources for educational purposes, sports facilities, technology, improvement and maintenance, as well as cultural and recreation activities for the adequate education and welfare of CNG students.

Encourage Character Education for the development of an environment where the values of trust, tolerance, respect, kindness, and diversity are celebrated.

Promote Positive Action within the CNG community.

Promote sporting activities through the House System (Hawks, Ospreys, Falcons and Eagles).

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