Parent Council

The Parent Council is an active, legal, organization designed to provide support to the administration on issues related to school development and improvement and to create school-wide improvement initiatives. The members of the council are all parents who are democratically elected at the beginning of every school year during each grade’s Open House day. Every grade at CNG has a volunteer representative in the Council.

The Parent Council helps maintain open and honest communication between grade level parents and members of the school community while fostering and promoting positive communication related to parental concerns to the individual school Principals, Head of School, and/or other governing bodies.

To be a part of the Parent Council you must:

1. submit your name for the September Open House election;

2. be chosen to represent your student’s grade level;

3. meet monthly with the entire Parent Council of 12 members;

4. meet monthly with the school principals and counselors;

5. network with parents in your child’s grade; and

6. serve as the grade level connection with the CNG community.

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