Proyecto Vida

Proyecto Vida is a program that fosters and teaches self–awareness, social skills, acceptance of others, positive leadership, and correct decision-making in young children (K4 through 5th) by modeling and teaching good character and emphasizing on values we all share.

Volunteer parents plan and participate in lessons given throughout the school year, each emphasizing a different value or purpose as determined by CNG counselors. Teachers and counselors then reinforce the lessons taught in their own classes. Parents actively participate during each lesson through skits and interactions with their children and their classmates in different activities.

Research states that children best absorb messages on values/character education when they are first taught by their own parents. With Proyecto Vida, we hope to plant a seed in our children to be followed up by teachers and counselors in their daily interactions.

Volunteering for Proyecto Vida

Proyecto Vida is completely staffed by parent volunteers with varying degrees of time commitment and functions. Roles within our organization include:

• class coordinators;

• support during lessons;

• organizing materials;

• creating, revising and translating lessons;

• organizational support;

• liaisons with school and other organizations;

• upkeep of bulletin boards;

• implementing Proyecto Vida at CFNG; and

• other special events that come up throughout the year.

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