Safety Procedures Criteria

The nature and purpose of specific CWW trips may expose students to a degree of risk that is not typical in the regular on-campus setting. Since trips involving travel, physical activity, and exploration are not risk free, all trips are subject to a risk and safety assessment. The following criteria have been established in order to assess and minimize the potential risk associated with CWW Trips.

  • The Athletics & Co - Curricular Activities Office will ensure that the Risk Management Plan as specified within the ISO 9001 Quality Management Policy is implemented for all CWW trips in coordination with the designated Outdoor Education Company.

  • The designated Outdoor Education Company will carry out the Risk Analysis for all the activities planned throughout the trip. This document will be provided to the Office of Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities prior to the trip.

  • A Medical Doctor and/or Paramedic must accompany all CWW trips. These professional personnel will be provided by the Outdoor Education Company.

  • All air and land travel arrangement will be done directly by the office of Athletics & Co-Curricular Activities in conjunction with a travel agency and/ or the designated Outdoor Education Company. The service providers must comply with the safety and security requirements required by CNG.

  • All Participants must have health insurance coverage.

  • Activities which require rigorous physical exercise or special skills may require mandatory pre- course training or assessment.

  • Prior to departure, review of student health records shall be conducted. Parents will be required to inform trip sponsors of any special health related issues regarding their child.

  • Access to emergency medical care, communication channel, travel conditions, and evacuation procedures must be confirmed for all trips. Such information must be communicated to all participants and parents prior to departure.

  • All U.S. Embassy Students must obtain security clearance by United State Embassy in Colombia prior to the trip.


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