Policies & Guidelines

  • All CWW Trips must be approved by the Director, Principals and the Office of Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities

  • No staff member may promote or organize a trip unless prior approval has been obtained.

  • All CWW Trips must have an academic component SBSC (Standards, Benchmarks and Specific content) and be directly aligned to CNG’s curriculum.

  • All CWW Trips must have an explicit Service Learning activity.

  • CWW Policies and guidelines as stated in the CWW Handbook must be followed by administrators, teaching staff, parents and students.

  • The CWW Program encourages all students to participate. Students who do not participate in the pre-established grade level trip will be offered the opportunity to participate in the Local CWW Program.

  • All CWW trips must be led and accompanied by CNG staff members as well as a pre-approved Outdoor Education Company (O.E.C.), and/or educational tour company. CNG reserves the right to add additional Outdoor Education Companies and/or Travel Agencies throughout the school year, as long as they comply with CNG’s safety and security requirements.

  • All CWW trips must be led by a CNG staff member who will be appointed by the school Principal. The CWW trip leader’s responsibility will be to work with the Outdoor Education Company in structuring the Program and ensuring that it fulfills the requirements as stated in the CWW handbook.

  • All of the OEC's staff members attending the trip must have a valid CPR and First Aid Training Certificate

  • All travel arrangements will be done between the Office of Athletics & Co- Curricular Activities and the Outdoor Education Company (O.E.C.), travel agency, and /or educational tour company.

  • All families must follow the guidelines included in the CWW Handbook. All forms must be filled out online and the Payment Procedure must be closely followed.

  • The Office of Athletics & Co- Curricular Activities, administrators and staff members will consider the cost to families, the security and safety of students, and the academic and social component of all trips. All CWW trips must include a detailed risk analysis of all activities included within the Program.

  • Overnight and extensive field trips will begin at the fifth grade level of the Elementary School.

  • As stipulated by CNG’s Board of Directors, all International Trips must take place within the Americas region. International field trips will only be offered to 11th and 12th grade level High School students and must be approved by CNG’s Board of Directors.

  • All students will be required to adhere to the School’s policy regarding behavior when participating in the CWW Program.

  • While on a CWW trip, all students must remain at all times under CNG’s staff supervision.

  • CNG students must leave from CNG at the beginning of their trip and return to CNG once their CWW experience is over. No exceptions will be made.

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