CNG is a full member of the Unión de Colegios Internacionales (UNCOLI), an association of international schools in Bogotá. UNCOLI schools include San Jorge, English, Marymount, Santa Maria, Hebro, Italiano, Nogales, San Bartolome, Campestre, Rochester, Santa Maria, Andino, and others. UNCOLI schools participate in athletic and dance festivals for our younger students and highly competitive events for our middle and high school students.

UNCOLI has three different seasons. Each sport has a specific season of focus depending on grade level. Talk to your coaches regarding individual sport focus dates. The three seasons run on the following dates-

Season #1-August to November
Season #2- December to March
Season #3- March to May

UNCOLI participation is divided into many different levels from elementary to high school. The following is information about each level.

Elementary UNCOLI

Teams participate in periodic grade level fun festivals. Elementary competitions include- basketball, chess, dance (4th and 5th), gymnastics, soccer, table tennis, track and field, and volleyball. The goal is for students to enjoy playing the sports. There is little emphasis on winning and competition. The two levels are Benjamines- grades 3 and 4 and Preinfantil- grades 4 and 5.

Middle and High School UNCOLI

Middle and high school students engage in high level competition in the following events- basketball, chess, dance, gymnastics, soccer, table tennis, track and field, and volleyball.

The following divisions are based on age and used to determine level of play.

C Team- mostly grades 7 and 8 (some 6th graders may be able to compete)*
B Team- mostly grades 8 and 9 (some 10th graders due to age)
A Team- Our highest level of athletics- grades 9-12 may compete

*Due to the structure 6th many 6th graders will find it difficult to compete in UNCOLI. The middle school has added alternative opportunities for play. See the Middle School Sports Program for more details.

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