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Dear Prospective family,

Thank you for your interest in CNG for your family. The information below is a guide to our Admissions process for families that are living abroad.

While we have historically strived to be rigorous in our calendar and admissions processes, this is a special year. There are many moving parts and fluid external conditions that may require us to make adaptations to our admissions process along the way. Any adjustments made will prioritize the health and well-being of applicants and their families, while maintaining our same parameters of excellence in our admissions process. 

Please be sure to contact the admissions to let us know you intend to apply. We will be happy to assist you in this process. To start your admissions process please contact us via one of these options:

1. Telephone: +571 359-9344
2. Email:

We will get back to you with details on the process, educational costs and space availability. Please be sure to include basic information about your family: estimated arrival date, grades the children will enter and any particular needs, and the name of the company transferring you to Bogotá. A response to your message confirms that you have been added to our list of prospective families.

Important Application Information for International Families Who Have Children with Special Needs 

As part of the Colegio Nueva Granada (CNG) mission to support and ensure demographic diversity within our community, CNG takes special interest in American, international, and “Global Nomad” families who are positively involved in their child's educational process. International families considering a move to Colombia may apply at any point during the school year; CNG has rolling admissions for families coming from abroad. CNG also provides special consideration and attention to serving students who have specialized learning needs depending on our school’s ability to provide appropriate services that meet the program requirements and best interests of the child.

If you have a child who requires or may need Learning Center support at CNG (special education services), the first step in the process would be to send to the Admissions Office a recent psycho-educational evaluation (valid within three years of your application date to CNG), an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) if applicable, and recent reports from educational specialists and/or therapists working with your child. Our Learning Center and Admissions Team will confirm if we have the available services to support your child. All information should be scanned and sent to Upon confirmation of space availability and the range of necessary services required for your child’s educational needs, you may continue with the regular application process.

For families considering the prospect of serving with the U.S. Mission in Colombia, CNG will need to receive the above information in advance to determine whether or not the school can provide the necessary services for your child(ren) with special needs. Once the Admissions Office has confirmed the availability of services, you will be informed in writing, and this verification can be used in order to bid to post. Please make an important note that confirmation of available services does not signify guaranteed admission given that some families request confirmation of services up to two years in advance. Therefore, we would like to emphasize that final admission will depend on space availability both at the grade level and in our Learning Center as well as the student’s continued ability to meet our entry requirements. Additionally, please note that the admissions process has several steps that will need to be completed, including interviews and testing, once you formally decide to apply. As a result, we strongly encourage you to contact the CNG Admissions Office for more information as soon as you know that your family will be coming to Bogota. 

Families of the U.S. Mission to Colombia must also refer to the “Educational Payment Policy and Procedures” written guidelines (available from the CLO's Office or RMOP) to ensure approval of your child's special needs allowance from the Approving Officer. Once approved, you will receive a cable confirming this special needs allowance. Please note that CNG must receive a copy of this cable confirming approval of the special needs allowance before your child can begin attending class and receiving services. 

As a final note, although CNG has a strong commitment to serving students with a wide range of exceptionalities supported within our inclusionary model of special education, our Board policy restricts and highly limits the acceptance of children with any type of behavioral or conduct issues.

Please click below for additional information regarding CNG’s requirements for the regular admissions process for international families.


CNG uses an online application form that consists of these main sections:

- Student Information
- Additional Student Information
- Historical Student Information
- Siblings
- Medical History
- Guardian 1 Information
- Guardian 2 Information
- CNG Background
- Family References: New, local families only. To be filled out by someone that knows you and is
   part of the CNG Community. Expat families should replace the 2 family references with a company
   letter stating your post and position and specifying which, if any, educational expenses covered.
- Recommendations
- Applying to Grades K5 - 6: Homeroom Teacher Recommendation   
- Applying to Grades 7 -12: English Teacher Recommendation, Math Teacher Recommendation & Principal or Counselor Recommendation   
- Supporting Documentation: You must upload the following supporting documents
- ID: Colombians - Birth Certificate. Expats - ID page of passport and Colombian Visa
- Picture of your child (Passport size photo)
- Vaccine Record
- Company Letter: Expat Families only. The letter should state your post and position and specify which, if any, educational expenses will be covered.
- Statement of Understanding: Please print, sign and upload FORM
- Transcripts: All documents must be in English or Spanish. Please be aware that transcripts and report cards are two different documents. For students applying to grades 7th through 12th, only official transcripts are considered valid for the application process.  For students applying to K4 through 6th grade, report cards are acceptable. In order to receive credit and obtain your High School or Bachillerato diploma, you WILL need official sealed transcripts in English or Spanish.
*Bachillerato (Colombian Program) students must apostille their official transcripts for 7th grade & above, in  the country where the child completed the grade to be apostilled.
- Students applying to K4, K5 & 1st grade: All report cards available
- Students applying to 2nd through 8th grades: Official transcripts of last 3 years of school (or report cards for 2nd through 6th grades).
- Students applying to 9th through 12th grades: Official transcripts of last 5 years of school.
- School Profile: For students applying to 9th through 12th grade
- Recent standardized tests 

An application form and other documents and forms must be filled out for each student. Please read carefully as these documents vary by grade and by type of student. Once you have completed all the information and uploaded all of the documents, you may proceed to pay the application fee (USD95) through Paypal and submit the application. Keep in mind that you cannot edit or upload additional documents once you click on Submit.

Incomplete applications will not be considered by the Admissions Committee. It is the responsibility of parents (legal guardians) of applicant students to keep track of their status in the Admission process.

Test and Interview

Tests and interviews are done by appointment only, and we offer virtual or in-person testing. All students, without exception, must complete CNG’s testing and interview requirements. Please contact the Admissions Office to set up the appointments. 

The admission test includes reading comprehension and math sections, and essays in English and Spanish. Students who do not speak Spanish are not required to take the Spanish portion of the test. Students also interview with a CNG administrator and counselor, and both parents will be interviewed by a CNG administrator. 


Only complete files will be taken to the Admissions Committee for completion of the admissions process.

The Admissions Committee meets on a weekly basis as needed and will make a determination on an admissions recommendation. Please note that during the month of May, this process may take up to 3 weeks. This recommendation is then taken to the School Director for review followed by an approval or rejection of the recommendation.

The Admissions Committee takes into consideration a number of factors when admitting or denying admission to a prospective student including, but not limited to: prior academic achievement, behavior record, level of English and space availability, as determined in our admissions policy. 

Upon completion of the admissions process, the applicant may receive one of several responses:

a. Admit: Student has been admitted and the space will be reserved for 2 weeks before payment is made to reserve the space. If the student plans to begin classes upon approved admission, then tuition and fee payment is required in full before a student can begin classes. If payment is not received within that time frame, the admissions offer is rescinded and the Admissions Office will offer the spot to another applicant.

b. Conditional Status for Potential Admission: Student meets admissions criteria but is planning to arrive at the beginning of the following semester or has applied a few months in advance.  Admission will be based on the end-of-term report card that must demonstrate successful achievement which meets CNG guidelines in both academic and conduct areas. 

c. Reserved spot subject to on-site testing and interviews: Global nomad student meets all admissions criteria but has not completed admissions testing. Spot is reserved for that student, and confirmed admission will be based on testing, interviews and end-of-term report card that must demonstrate successful achievement which meets CNG guidelines in both academic and conduct areas.

d. Conditional Admission: Student has been admitted, but admission is conditional to additional learning support. Some examples of the additional support that may be requested are: Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Learning Center support, part-time/ full-time shadow, psychological or psychiatric support. 

e. Audit: In rare cases, the school might determine that a student may be initially admitted without the ability to earn academic credit. The student will be given a period of time where he/she can adjust to CNG and the grade-level academic load. The student’s performance will be monitored by the Learning Center, the counselor, the principal, and the student’s teachers.  The student’s status will be reviewed periodically by the school staff and the parents to determine if the audit status should continue or be modified according to his/her progress.  At the end of the trimester of admission, the possibility of regular admission will be considered. 

f. Deferred:  Student meets admissions criteria, but there is no available space for admission. The application is put on hold and deferred until the next term, when it will be taken to committee again.

g. Denial of Admission: School is unable to offer admission to student.

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Admissions Director
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