Writing Center

Coming in August 2016 to CNG!

We are excited about the opportunity to support students and teachers in the 2016-2017 school year with the CNG Writing Center. This will be a place to help students of all ability levels on all types of writing - in Spanish and in English. It will also serve as a training ground for students as peer tutors to develop their leadership and interpersonal skills

What is a writing center?
Writing centers have long been a mainstay at colleges and universities, but, in the last decade, they have appeared and gained popularity in middle and high schools around the United States. With their one-on-one conference/peer tutor model, writing centers easily support the workshop philosophy of TC. In a writing center, students become the teachers and take ownership of their work.

Why a writing center?
In the CNG Writing Center, students will have the chance to grow as writers, communicators and leaders. The Writing Center will serve as a safe place for students to seek assistance from well-trained fellow students, peer tutors, and select faculty members on an appointment basis to work on anything from English/Spanish essays, lab reports, college application essays, creative writing, history reports, to email requests for an internship interview. The Writing Center will support students at all steps of the process: understanding the assignment/audience, idea/question generating, forming a thesis, choosing an organizational pattern, revising and editing. The students who come to The Writing Center will leave having been empowered by a peer to improve their piece of writing, and the peer tutors, over the course of their time with the Center, will develop their interpersonal skills, their own sense of effective writing, and a well-respected activity to list on their college applications. The peer tutors will support teachers from all departments by providing another avenue for student feedback. Through this cross-curricular involvement, The Writing Center will create a school-wide community of writers. 

Where and when?
The Writing Center will be located in the high school in room H108, across from the EVL computer lab. This will be a comfortable space where the peer tutors will receive training and be available for appointments with their fellow students. After the intensive training period during the first marking period, August-October, the peer tutors will be open for appointments in the first semester during block 2 on even days and block 3 on odd days. There will also be a rotating lunch schedule for students to utilize. Eventually, these times for appointments will expand to serve other blocks and after school as well.

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