HS Academic Program 2020-2021

Academics is a key area of importance as students move into High School at CNG. We are extremely pleased to offer a wide range of courses and electives for our students each year and encourage students to be very thoughtful about their selections. The High School currently offers 18 Advanced Placement courses and 22 Pre-Advanced Placement courses in the High School. Students who strive for challenge and extension are encouraged to apply for the AP Academy for one or more of these courses. Students who need additional support for their learning can find both pull-out support as well as other courses through the Student Support Program which is tailored to specific learning needs.

In addition to the core academic courses, students are required to take a variety of courses across various departments, providing them with breadth in their experiences. Students take elective courses for some or all their credits in physical education/health, fine & performing arts, technology, and character education. In the fine & performing arts program alone there are 27 different electives on offer for our students.

We encourage parents and students to review the High School Academic Program each year in order for our High School students to make the best possible decisions for their learning program.

CNG’S Programs of Study

At Colegio Nueva Granada we are focused on preparing students to become tomorrow’s leaders as well as lifelong learners. High School education must prepare our students for a world that is constantly changing as knowledge continues to expand dramatically.

Political relationships and scientific discoveries are occurring at an increasingly accelerated pace in the world. As adults, CNG graduates will be required to solve complex problems by thinking originally, creatively, imaginatively, and cooperatively. Additionally they must communicate clearly both in written and spoken form.

CNG offers an integrated program that fulfills the requirements for two diplomas (the American High School diploma and the Colombian Bachillerato diploma) and gives the students a strong academic background that prepares them for university level work.

Bachillerato (Colombian) Diploma Program

The Bachillerato Program is the academic program for Colombian students, which gives them the qualifications needed to enter Colombian universities. At CNG this includes the academic courses taught in English as well as courses in Español and Sociales which are taught in Spanish. It is the policy of the Board of Directors that all Colombian students be enrolled in the Bachillerato Program. Exceptions can be made for special reasons and must be approved by the Academic Council. Any international student who wants to participate in the program may do so with parent approval.

All students at CNG may enter the Bachillerato Program in grade 6 provided they have the language competency in Spanish. Students transferring into CNG after grade 6 may enter the program up to grade 10. If necessary, students may validate coursework in Español and Sociales.

In grades 10 to 12, students transferring from Colombian schools with Bachillerato standing can continue in the program. In addition, special cases for this grade range are reviewed and decisions are made by parents, HS Principal, and HS Counselor.

Students must complete 32 academic credits as specified, 80 hours of social service, and a Senior Independent Study (SIS) project in order to receive the Bachillerato diploma.

High School Diploma Program

The High School Diploma is a college and university preparatory academic program for students which qualifies them to enter U.S. and foreign universities. At CNG,this includes academic courses taught in English as well as Spanish as a second language or Español (for Spanish speaking students). Sociales courses taught in Spanish are not required, but may be included as electives. It is the philosophy of CNG that international students be enrolled in the High School Program. Colombian students transferring to CNG should be considered for this program if previous academic coursework does not permit entrance into the Bachillerato Program.

Students at CNG enter the High School Program in 6th grade. Students transferring into CNG after 6th grade may enter the program. Students entering grades 9 through 12 must show evidence from their transcripts of the equivalency of the high school program coursework.

Students must complete 32 academic credits as specified, 80 hours of social service, and a Senior Independent Study (SIS) project in order to receive the High School diploma.

Change of Diploma Program

Students in the Bachillerato Program may not change to the High School Program without special authorization. To do so is to deprive the Colombian student of the opportunity to enroll in a Colombian university.

Students in the High School Program may change to the Bachillerato Program any time through grade 9. Approval must be given by the Academic Council. When necessary, students may need to validate coursework. Students changing to the Bachillerato Program must have Spanish language fluency necessary for placement in Español and Sociales classes.

Grade Level Credits for Promotion

Students enter ninth grade in the High School as freshmen. Any student who has earned less than 7 credits at the end of their first year of High School retains the standing of a freshman – grade 9 student.

To be considered a tenth grader or a sophomore, a student should earn  at least 7 credits in his/her first year of High School. A student who ends the second year of High School with fewer than 15 credits retains the standing of sophomore – grade 10 student.

To be considered an eleventh grader or a junior, a student should earn at least 15 credits in his/her first two years of High School. A student who ends the third year of High School with fewer than 22 credits retains the standing of junior – grade 11 student. This grade level standing cannot be changed until another academic year has been completed.

To be considered a twelfth grader or a senior, a student should earn at least 24 credits in his/her first three years of High School.

In order to graduate from CNG, a student must complete 32 academic credits as specified, complete the required hours of social service, as well as pass a Senior Independent Study (SIS) project.

CNG’s Student Support Program

CNG has a proven record of effective intervention for students K4 through 12 who have identified learning difficulties. In the High School this program may include: pull out support classes, specifically designed classes that support students in the Learning Center in attaining a modified curriculum for specific subjects, inclusion teachers that work with students in the regular program, and inclusion teachers that provide a separate learning environment. We are dedicated to providing support and ensuring success for students who have identified learning needs.

There is an additional charge for this program. Students who have been identified or are in the process of being referred for testing must attend the Student Support Program as determined by the Learning Center while in the High School. This policy has been established in order to best meet the needs of students. We encourage parents to respect this policy as we have found it to be the most effective for students in the Learning Center.

Typically students in grade 9 are not required to take Global Studies 9 in place of the SSP program. Credits from the SSP can be used for a variety of departments when completing the credit check including: fine arts, foreign language, affective education, and electives.

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