Student Growth and Behavior

The Elementary School is committed to addressing the three pillars of the CNG vision which focus on mind, body, and character. As a school we are interested in the participation of parents to help students grow in all the previously mentioned areas. The following are some ways in which the Elementary strives to help children grow and learn everyday hand in hand with the Elementary School parents.
- Throughout the year, our students are involved in Affective Education/Character Education classes. Proyecto Vida classes allow parents to participate in the Affective/Character growth process of all our students.
- Students will be assigned from 30 (in 3rd grade) to 60 minutes (in 5th grade) of homework every day as a way to review material taught, inspire future learning and develop independence and responsibility. The Elementary also appreciates the importance of down-time and family time; if your child is doing their very best but homework is taking more time than the guidelines above, be sure to inform your child’s teacher.
- Nightly reading is encouraged for every Elementary School student as a part of the nightly home routine.
- In our quest for continual improvement, we welcome parent’s thoughts and input at any point throughout the year. Elementary School parents are encouraged to join their children  in all school events as well as get involved in the CNG community.


In the Elementary School we are working to clarify, teach and reinforce the core values found in our CNG Code of Honor including integrity, respect, high expectations and community welfare. Whenever there is an incident of misbehavior, our goal is to promote student reflection in order to guide students toward a sense of responsibility as well as self-discipline as an educational process. Elementary School teachers and administrators  will communicate with parents when instances of misbehavior are of concern or repeated. Depending on the nature and gravity of the misbehavior, the student will receive a consequence which will range from a written reflection, apology, time out /detention, to behavior probation, counseling or suspension for serious or grave offences. We utilize Restorative Practices to develop students’ understanding of events and others’ perspectives, to develop compassion and to repair relationships when situations warrant it.

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