A Day in the life

The day in Elementary School starts at 8:00am and all students are dismissed from class at 3:20pm. There is a morning recess and a lunch/recess time every day for all students.

The typical school day starts with a class meeting followed by a language arts or math period. Throughout the day students are immersed in units of study in science, social studies, and Spanish. Specialists provide our Elementary School with lessons in areas such as physical education, music, art, library, and computers at least once every day. The Elementary strives towards incorporating cooperative learning as well as collaborative problem solving in a student’s daily routine in order to develop a strong sense of community and  an engaged learning environment.

CNG offers a wide variety of optional before and after school Condor and Athletic activities Monday through Friday (see Condor and Athletics program offerings). Mandarin and religion classes as well as choir class are additional options for our students. For Elementary students these activities are offered at 7:00am or at 3:30pm depending on the activity of choice.

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