Inclusion Program

The Inclusion Program is designed to provide students who have specific needs with the necessary support to benefit from an education in the least restrictive environment possible. Students who receive support from the Inclusion Program work with an Inclusion Teacher who offers the necessary curriculum accommodations and modifications as well as any social-emotional support while fostering student’s independence. Inclusion teachers work with the student within the general education classroom to help scaffold skills while avoiding any isolation.

Students who receive Inclusion Program support are students who have an identified disability that adversely affects their educational performance and consequently are eligible to receive special education. In addition, students who have academic and/or regulation needs which have been identified by a Student Study Team (SST) and have not shown significant improvements after implementing the strategies recommended by the SST may also be eligible to receive support from the Inclusion Program.
Other students who might be eligible to receive this type of Learning Center support are those who have been referred to the program after going through a complete psycho-educational evaluation or admissions process where they have been identified to be “at risk” in two or more of the following areas:
- academics
- social-emotional regulation
- executive skills/independence
- medical fragility

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