Every child is different in terms of their strengths and needs, but there are some signs that may alert educators for requesting a psycho-educational assessment. Psycho-educational testing is provided by Learning Center psychologists and intends to give educators a better understanding of the students strengths and needs. Some of the situations that may lead to a psycho-educational evaluation being recommended by educators are:

1. Child consistently studies hard but grades do not reflect effort

2. Child constantly does not want to come to school

3. Very poor performance in one or two core subjects

4. Systemically procrastinating homework and poor organization/planning skills (executive functions)

5. Difficulty to pay attention and focus (executive functions)

6. Behavioral or emotional problems noticed at home, or reported by the student at school

When a child has difficulties that require educational and/or therapeutic interventions, a good assessment is of great value in identifying strengths, needs, interventions, and planning an effective special education program.

The evaluation is conducted during school hours and the results are shared with teachers, parents and the student. Assessment provides an understanding of the student’s strengths and weaknesses. A correct identification of needs plays a key role in decisions related to special services placement, if needed. Outside resources may also be recommended such as further assessments or treatments by psychiatrists, neurologists, family counseling etc.

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