Classroom Placement for 2019-2020

We are writing to let you know that we are soon to begin the class placement process for next school year. This is a complex undertaking that involves many steps and many people. Our goal is to create well balanced classrooms with respect to gender, academic strengths, social-emotional needs, Native English speakers, friendships, and ratio of International/Colombian students; reflecting our CNG belief in diversity and inclusive classrooms as an optimal learning environment. Teachers, Counselors and Principal will be involved in a collaborative process over the next six weeks. 


The process is as follows for both Primary School and Elementary School:

  • Each homeroom teacher will fill out a student information card for each of the students in their current class. The card includes information on each student’s academic ability, disciplinary needs, social needs and other pertinent information.

  • Spanish teachers add information to cards.  Counselors and LC teachers may too.

  • Based on all of this information, teachers of current grade collaboratively create six class lists for next year, in team meetings, facilitated by the Principal.  

  • Students with significant special needs are placed after discussion with the Learning Center.

  • Parents may give input on student combinations if they wish; specifically, the most helpful input is names of children whom ideally your child would be well placed with or suggestions on who might not be a good combination.  

  • Please note that we do not accept requests for specific teachers, nationalities of teachers, or for descriptions of teachers, nor can Counselors or classroom teachers accept requests from parents for specific teachers.

Parents may only provide input on the Parent Input form available in the PS office, by no later than May 1st; however, please be advised we do not make any guarantees.

Lists will not be finalized until  the end of the week before school starts in August as we need to take into account new student applications. We will communicate class lists via email and will post outside our PS and ES offices at that time.

We ask you to trust our process. Rest assured that we will work to create the very best possible placement for every child with multiple factors in mind.

Warm regards,
Liz Knox, Primary School Principal

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