AP Exams – Information for Parents / Students

As we approach AP exams (May 6-17), there are a few specific items that you need to keep in mind.  Please read through this communication closely so that you do not miss anything.  

Test Dates

Click here to see the test dates and times.  Students are not expected to attend other classes on the day of AP Exams.  

Petition for extra exams

If you have petitioned to write an extra AP exam (for a course you are not taking currently), you will be charged $124.00 USD plus a $30.00 USD administrative fee.  This payment can be made in the office of testing in the main administration building.  You can contact Ms. Carolina Alvarez (calvarez@cng.edu) for details.  Please note that at this time the application for late testing is closed.  An email was sent March 6th about this.

Bulletin for parents and students

You can see some extra details about the testing in the attached bulletin for parents and students.  Please read it so you are aware of all the College Board policies around the testing.

Study Day

In order to help you best prepare for your AP exams we have offered the possibility of having an AP Study day before your exam.  The only day you can request as a Study Day is the day immediately before an exam.  

  • For example, if you have two exams on a Wednesday, you can request a Study Day on the Tuesday, but not the Monday.

  • For example, if you have an exam on a Monday, you cannot request the Friday before as a Study Day.

  • For example, if you have an exam on Wednesday and on Thursday, you can only request a Study Day on the Tuesday before, but not on Monday.

  • For example, if you have two exams on Thursday and two exams on Friday, you can only request one Study Day on Wednesday.

There is a lot of time to prepare before these exams.  If you are completely depending on a Study Day to be prepared for the exam, then you are not adequately using your time leading up to the exam.

All requests were due by April 12.  We will no longer accept requests for AP Study Days.  

Late testing policy

If you have a need to take a late exam (including due to a conflict with your two AP exams at the same time on the same day), please write an email to Mr. Velasco to let us know.  This was due by Wednesday March 27th

The information below is taken directly from the College Board website)

Late tests with no additional fee

A late-testing fee will not be charged for circumstances that are beyond the control of school officials and students. Here are some general examples:

Academic contest/event

Athletic contest/event

Conflict with IB or Cambridge exam

Conflict with nationally, province-, or state-mandated test

Disabilities accommodation issues

Emergency: bomb scare or fire alarm

Emergency: serious injury, illness, or family tragedy

High school graduation

Language lab scheduling conflict

Religious holiday/observance

School closing: election, national holiday, or natural disaster

Strike/labor conflict

Student court appearance

Two AP Exams on the same date and time

Late testing with fees

An additional fee of $45 per exam will be charged for schools and students that have a choice between accepting the scheduled date and requesting an alternate date. The fee is used to partially defray costs of developing, scoring, and shipping these alternate exams. Here are some of those examples:

Conflict with non-AP, non-IB, or non-Cambridge exam

Family/personal commitment

Ordering error

Other school event

School closing (local decision, non-emergency)

More facts about late testing

Alternate exams are equivalent in depth and difficulty to the regularly scheduled exams.

Students’ alternate (late-testing) exam scores may be delayed up to one month (until August).

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