Mid Quarter - The Home Stretch

With tomorrow, May 14, marking the midpoint of the 4th quarter of studies it is important to help your children “stay the course” so that they can finish the year strong.  It is difficult for our Grade 9 – 11 students to see the Seniors finishing their program of study and remain motivated to keep going.  After all, final exams are not for another 4 weeks for those students! 


We ask all parents to help our students remain focused, keep up to date with their assignments (and, yes, those formative assignments are critical to hand in), and make sure that they are not missing classes since there is precious little time for students to make up any time owing in order to be granted all credits when school finishes in June. 


If your child has received an EAMUC (Excessive Absences Make Up Class) letter, be sure that they are staying for Opportunity Days / detentions to make up the class time.  Chances are, if they are owing hours they are also behind on critical assignments.  This makes it a good time to catch up.  

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