LOCAL Classroom Without Walls 2019

This year, students in grades 9 - 11 who do not go on the trips to the Amazon, La Guajira, or Peru will be enrolled in our Local CWW program.  This year, our program will “mirror” activities that their colleagues will engage in on the trips -- hikes off campus (local), cultural activities with indigenous peoples, and other experiential learning activities.  We are developing a schedule for that week and will be sharing it with you and your children shortly.  This is an exciting change for the High School, giving all our students the opportunity to engage in experiential learning, whether they are on the trip or not.


Parents are reminded that this is a regular school week with attendance taken -- both on the trips and in the CWW Local activities.  Any absences MUST be supported by Pre Arranged Absence documentation BEFORE CWW week or by medical documentation for illness during the week.  See the Academic Program Guide (page 21) for more information related to this policy.  


(Note:  Students in Grade 12 will have the opportunity to take the SABER prep course -- see the emails from Ms Astrid Amador – work on their AP / Grade 12 Research projects or complete Community Service hours required for Graduation in June – after school hours.  See the Academic Program Guide for full details.)

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