We're Gearing up to the Annual ES Talent Show!

We are gearing up for our annual ES Talent Show!

We look forward to an entertaining, well-rounded and diverse show, including a variety of acts and grade levels again this year!! Students who are interested in auditioning for the ES Talent Show should plan to attend an informational meeting in the ES Music Room on Thursday, January 31st at 7:15 am.  An explanation of the application process, criteria and permission slip will be distributed at the meeting. The actual Talent Show, will take place on March 28th, starting at 5:00PM in the CNG Theater. 

Auditions will take place on the following designated days/grade level, starting at 7:00AM:

3rd grade-Monday, February 18th

4th grade-Tuesday, February 19th 

5th grade-Wednesday, February 20th 

Thursday, February 21st is reserved for any additional time that is needed to complete the auditions. Students may not request to make their audition on Thursday the 21st.  Students must come prepared with their act and any props or music it requires.  Please also note that auditions are closed; meaning, only those auditioning and judges are allowed in the theater.

The judges will consider the following criteria in selecting a maximum of 22 acts: preparedness, stage presence, creativity, entertainment value and the overall quality of the performance. Please note that all tracks that use lyrics for dancing or singing require pre-approval of both lyrics and content by Ms. Becky BEFORE the audition. No vulgar language or sexually suggestive lyrics or costumes are allowed.  Parents may help with costumes but the idea is for this to be a show of student talent without too much assistance/professional help from adults. Students and/or parents should email Ms. Becky or bring the track on a USB for approval. Please contact Ms. Becky for additional information if needed braines@cng.edu.  See: ES Talent Show Parent Permission Form.

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