Some Reminders...

Social Skills in Primary School

In Primary School apart from teaching very important skills like reading, writing, math, science, we invest a lot of time in teaching our kids social skills. We constantly have many learning opportunities which our counselors, teachers and staff work with, so we can show kids how to be assertive, respectful, include everyone, etc. We want to kindly ask you to please let us know if you need us to help  you or your child with something that he or she tells you about at home. Calling other kids´ parents makes the problem bigger and usually much more difficult to solve. Please make sure to discuss these “issues” with school staff and not in social events or with other parents. Please remember that young children´s mistakes related to social skills or discipline are confidential and need to be discussed with school staff only on a need to know basis and not with other families. Just as we re asking our kids to practice the value of integrity at school this is a perfect way to model it at home.

Smart Watches and Cell Phones

We strongly encourage our Primary School students not to bring smart watches or cell phones to school. If they do, please make sure to remind them they need to stay in their backpack throughout the school day and in the bus. They are not allowed to take them out. If children need to contact parents during the school day, they should ask the teacher for permission to come to the office to use the office phone. Thanks for your understanding.

Toys at school

We would like to remind you that children are not allowed to bring toys to school unless there is a special activity. If they bring them they need to stay inside their backpack at all times.

Gate Passes

When you send a Gate Pass for your child please make sure to let the office know if they are leaving through the upper gate or the lower gate.

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