Reading and Writing Workshop (TCRWP-Lucy Calkins)

School-wide, we are in our 4th year of implementing the Teachers College (Lucy Calkins) Reading and Writing Project Workshop framework for teaching literacy in both English and Spanish. We have profited immensely from our CNG Literacy Coaches’ work with our enthusiastic teachers and from yearly professional development sessions from stellar Staff Developers from Columbia University who come to work with us at CNG. We are the only official TCRWP project international school in Latin America, and are very proud of our teamwork with the project.


Our grade level teams work collaboratively to unpack and CNG’ize TCRWP’s most recent versions of Units of Study, and to analyze results shown on classroom-based formative assessments, On Demand unit assessments, and Running Records. Unit celebrations are beloved traditions.  Our classrooms, library and hallways are print rich, purposeful and inspiring for our readers and writers. It has been incredible to watch our teachers and students grow in leaps and bounds over the years, and we cannot wait to see their continued blossoming ahead!


Be sure to check out and enjoy student writing in last June’s Elementary Literary Magazine YOUNG VOICES and stay tuned for more amazing work to come! We will offer parent information sessions each semester so you can anticipate, support and advance your child's skills and love of reading and writing.



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