During the Primary School years (K through 2nd) counselors work alongside teachers to develop students’ understanding of themselves and their relationships with others. We are deliberate in our efforts to foster students’ self-confidence, self-esteem, and their ability to make responsible choices. Counselors execute a variety of programs designed to accompany students and families through their first years at CNG. The ideal educational environment is one in which parents and educators work together in order to provide students with the emotional, social and academic support they need to reach their maximum potential. We strive to achieve wonderful things hand in hand with families and students in order to guarantee every child’s wellbeing.

Primary School Counselors provide support and develop each student’s full potential by:

  • actively participating in Kinder 4 admissions;

  • providing orientation and transition assistance to new students and families;

  • participating in transition meetings with teachers at the beginning of each school year to review student’s background information including learning needs, behavioral/emotional issues, results of previous psycho educational testing and recommendations;

  • providing opportunities for individual and group counseling;

  • providing twelve Affective Education lessons in all homerooms throughout the year;

  • always being available for any teacher/parent consultation;

  • ensuring a positive liaison between teachers and parents;

  • facilitating the Proyecto Vida program;

  • ensuring crisis intervention when it is required;

  • referring students to community support service;

  • referring students to outside support agencies;

  • arranging meetings and monitoring student’s interventions with outside professionals; and

  • ensuring a liaison with Learning Center staff.

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