As ES students move from third to fifth grades, they experience many new exciting opportunities and responsibilities that both inspire and challenge them to do their best as individuals and members of the learning community. Elementary School counselors appreciate that a sense of belonging, self-efficacy, and healthy self-esteem are central to a student’s success in this time period. To this end, Elementary School counselors offer a number of programs and services designed to accompany students in their growth process.

Elementary School Counselors provide support and develop each student’s full potential by:

  • providing orientation and transition assistance to new students and families;

  • facilitating the new Student Buddy System;

  • ensuring individual and group counseling opportunities for students;

  • facilitating the ES Character Education & Proyecto Vida programs;

  • providing Affective Education lessons to students throughout the year;

  • ensuring there is a good space for consultation and liaison between teachers and parents;

  • being ready for any necessary crisis intervention;

  • referring  students to community support services; and

  • Ensuring that a liaison with exists with the Learning Center staff.

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