Middle School is a time that is full of many challenges for students who are undergoing developmental changes and a transition from childhood to young-adulthood. MS counselors work to help students navigate these changes by teaching them important life lessons and actively encouraging them to strive for their personal best. In short, Middle School counselors focus on smoothing the transitions students go through from sixth to eighth grade as well as helping students and their families manage the academic demands of school along with the emotional, psychological, and physical changes of this complex and wonderful stage of student life.

Middle School Counselors provide support and develop each student’s full potential by:

  • supporting each individual’s academic skills;

  • helping students with their organizational, studying, and test-taking skills;

  • educating students to understand themselves and others;

  • teaching coping strategies;

  • focusing on strengthening peer relationships and effective social skills;

  • helping students with any communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and conflict resolution issues they might be having;

  • getting started on the process of career awareness, exploration, and planning;

  • providing substance abuse education;

  • ensuring multicultural/diversity awareness; and

  • working  together with students, parents, teachers and administrators to ensure that every student has the best possible school schedule and course of study throughout the three years of Middle School.

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