High School years, the final years at CNG, are characterized by youthful enthusiasm and tremendous energy. Throughout these four years students take on great responsibilities and make important decisions of potentially long-lasting impact. CNG’s guidance counselors work to help guide students during this critical transition by encouraging them to assume challenges in a mature and responsible way, supporting their social as well as their emotional growth, and helping them build upon their self-esteem. Counselors actively accompany students through their school process and their search for options and possibilities for growth and service after high school.

High School Counselors help provide this support and develop each student’s full potential by:

  • monitoring academic progress;

  • supporting social and emotional growth;

  • working collaboratively with parents, teachers, and administrators in order to help foster social, emotional, cognitive, and ethical development;

  • providing crisis intervention;

  • engaging in individual and group counseling;

  • providing outside referrals when needed;

  • following up on students who are supported by outside professionals;

  • maintaining open channels of communication with all community members;

  • facilitating student/family transition processes;

  • monitoring social and emotional adaptation of students in general;

  • supporting the administration in scheduling students;

  • mediating conflicts that arise in order to restore relationships;

  • supporting teachers when talking about matters related to counseling;

  • sponsoring the Ambassadors organization;

  • supporting the administration with the implementation of programs related to character education (affective education, human growth and development, bullying prevention, and alcohol, tobacco and other drugs prevention); and

  • following up with students in the Learning Center.  

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