• Art Workshop
    Provides a space for students to explore artistic techniques and materials as they develop creativity and manual dexterity.
    Batik, Handbags, Stuffed Animals
    Students develop fine motor skills through different textile techniques as sewing, knitting, and painting cloth. Students design and make handbags and stuffed animals among other projects.
    Fashion Design

    Students will develop basic fashion design skills from choosing color schemes to stamping and dying fabric. They will learn to measure , cut and put together a basic skirt and dress, and they will apply all their acquired knowledge in a final runway project.

    Illustration & Modeling
    Students will spend time creating their own characters and sculpting them in clay. The workshop develops fine motor skills as well as creativity, tool management skills, and knowledge about different materials all through fun.
    Jewelry & Accessories

    Fine motor skills are reinforced as creativity and a sense of aesthetics are cultivated.

    3D printing Art
    Students build and design anything they dream of. They will use 3D printing pens in order to learn about dimensions, scales and depth while using all their creative skills alongside technology.

    Play Dough Workshop
    Students explore their imaginations as they develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, hand strength, agility, and basic sculpting notions.
    Coding is a basic form of literacy in the digital age where students develop a complete understanding of logic, thinking, and problem solving skills while learning how to program different devices.
  • Coding and Game Designing 2.0
    Coding 2.0 is the continuation of coding. At this level students will enhance their prior programming skills with Game Design and explore the basics of more complex apps and digital design.
    Coding and Web Design 3.0

    Students explore more complex challenges in diverse coding platforms an learn how to create their own website through a tool offered by Google with educational purposes. 

    Students will learn how to program and fly a drone, developing thinking and digital understanding. The school will provide the drones for this activity.
    Minecraft edu
    Students develop problem solving skills as navigate through engineering & coding challenges.
    Junior: Construction & Pixel Art.
    Aprendiz: Learn to program with computer craft.
    Seniors: Program own skins & mods
    Students learn about electricity and circuits as they enjoy experiments and projects related to robotics and electronics. They learn to construct their own robot.
    Science Experiments
    This course offers students the opportunity to obtain deeper knowledge of science through experiments that delve into the fundamentals of chemistry, physics and mathematics.
    Young Engineers
    Students are introduced to the basic principles of mathematics, science and engineering using motorized LEGO bricks that produce motion.
    Students learn about food conservation, balanced nutrition, kitchen utensil management, and kitchen organization. Logical thinking is practiced as they follow the sequence of a recipe.
  • French
    Students develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through the use of texts and learning activities.
    Music Instruments
    Quality music instruction, based on the Suzuki method. The program is offered for: Violin, Piano and Guitar. Students must bring their own musical instrument.
    Pre ballet
    Students develop their motor skills through rhythm and coordination games. Comprehension of the body, its muscles and its posture are achieved in a harmonious, playful group environment.
    Students develop concentration, flexibility, coordination, and musical rhythm training. Students are encouraged to internalize movement and technical steps until they become automatic and develop muscular strength.
    Dance PS/ES

    Students develop their skills in areas like movement, coordination, body management, musical coordination and musical rhythm.

    Dance UNCOLI ES
    Uncoli Dance group will be made up of girls that are selected in the auditions that will take place on August 21 and August 22. The maximum amount of students in the group will be 20, and inscriptions are open for any student that might be interested in competing.

    Offers a unique program combining yoga and mindfulness. Classes aim at teaching children to pay attention, increase focus, and balance their emotions—all while building physical strength and flexibility.

    Kangoo Jumps

    Kangoo Jumps combines technology, sport and fun creating an ideal technique for entertainment, using a system of latest generation bouncing shoes.

  • First Bike - Balance Bike
    Students acquire basic abilities in balance and coordination as they learn how to use bikes with novel design and innovative safety gear. Bikes will be provided by CNG. Students must bring the required protective gear.
    First Bike I & II
    Work on mastering basic bicycle skills and introduce the use of pedals. Offered for students who have taken First Bike or who have the required skills. Bikes will be provided by CNG. Students must bring the required protective gear.
    Work on the technical aspects to dominate the bike in different terrains and situations. Develop skills to progress into mountain bike. Bike and required protective gear must be provided by each student.
    Mountain Bike
    Students are taught specific techniques to better their bicycle control and physical fitness. Bike and required protective gear must be provided by each student.
    Martial Arts
    Students develop motor skills, coordination, self-control and discipline as self-defense and body awareness are practiced. Motor and mental dexterity are strengthened.

    Physical discipline that develops motor skills through overcoming obstacles by jumping, climbing, or running.  Students will discover their abilities and potential in a fun and dynamic environment.


    Students learn different skating techniques as they develop their gross motor skills, coordination and balance. Skates and required protective gear must be provided by each student.

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