Community Service

We invite you to review the new Community Service and Social Responsibility Framework document that provides a glimpse into the numerous outreach programs at CNG. We firmly believe that we can ALL make a difference, and that is the CNG way. We are sure you'll be just as proud as we are with all the activities our community is involved in throughout the year. You don't want to miss it! 

The Out of Dress Code (OODC) program allows students to come in regular clothing on specific Fridays throughout the year, marked in the CNG calendar, to show off their personal style. We ask that participating students make a contribution of 3,000 COP (1 USD) to continue improving the quality of education for 470 students at Colegio Fundación Nueva Granada. Please motivate your children to participate! 

Uniform Recycling Program: Do your kids constantly lose uniform items? Are you tired of purchasing way too many hoodies every school year? Why not stop by the administration building reception desk and purchase some used items at a very reasonable price? All proceeds benefit the Fundación Hogar Nueva Granada. This program is an extension of CNGreen, we all play a role in tackling climate change!

Thank you for all you do to make the CNG-FHNG community and the world a better place,

Community Service Department Team

Marcela Campos, Coordinator 

Diana Castaño, Analyst


Mariana Torres, Teacher

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