Building CNG`s Future

Colegio Nueva Granada’s story has always been one of continual innovation and progressive thinking; an 80-year history of visionary people coming together and building a better future for others. We have 80 years of stories that have one thing in common: they began with dreams. Those dreams followed by action have made the seemingly impossible become possible at CNG.

This spirit continues to drive us forward in our quest to provide students with a 21st century education based on a holistic education focused on mind, body, and character.

We have accomplished great dreams for more than eight decades, but we believe that greater dreams still lie ahead. With a set of Board-approved priorities that are aligned with our Vision statement, “Educating the Mind, Strengthening the Body, and Developing Character for Leadership and Service in the World of Today for a Better Tomorrow”, we are committed to creating a bold plan to Build CNG’s Future -- a plan to achieve a profound educational and physical transformation at CNG. I invite you to join us as we build an even stronger CNG, one that will generate inspiring and transforming stories for generations to come.

Share our dreams and our vision, and help us start Building CNG’s Future TODAY!

If you wish to support our vision and dreams, please contact:

Diana Colmenares V.
Director of Development and Community Affairs
2123511, ext 104

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