Shooting Shakespeare

Introducing Shakespeare to a group of teenagers in our modern era of virtual communication and technology can be a daunting task. The characters, language and the culture itself can seem to be extremely different and alien from what they are used to viewing on a daily basis via modern day mainstream media. BUT IS IT ALL SO REALLY FAR REMOVED? This interdisciplinary course will encourage students to explore the width of the presumed chasm between our time period and Shakespeare’s. Students will be able to assess how “universal” the universal themes present in the great bard’s work truly are and how well they have withstood the test of time. Students will complete written analyses of Shakespeare’s works with a critical eye towards where and how film, literature, television and media in general, meet and intermingle with these timeless classics of literature. Additionally, the fine arts aspect of this course will not only allow students to immerse themselves in the works through the appropriation of basic acting tools, such as improvisation, but will also teach students how to utilize basic techniques of video production in order to memorialize their creation. Thus, major assignments will focus on the synthesis of what students have learned via the works themselves, and how they have interpreted them, in order to create theater pieces which will then be recorded and edited as polished final products.

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