Music Performance

These courses are perfect for students who already have some experience playing an instrument and want to have the experience of making music with other people. We strive to teach students basic rehearsal techniques as well as the necessary tools to perform in front on an audience. Even though the core of this class is performance, students have the opportunity to learn how to read and write music, as well as some basics in music theory and music history.
At the beginner level, students learn and understand the importance of the beat and subdivisions of it. Students are also encouraged to learn to read basic rhythmic patterns and are introduced to a historical perspective of the musical genres that created the foundation for Colombian and American musical traditions. Additionally, students learn to identify the notes on the staff, the piano and the string instruments (bass and guitar), as well as basic theory about intervals, scales, and chords.
In the intermediate level students move forward in the evolution of musical traditions, learning about more complex rhythms like son corrido, merengue, and puya, in the Colombian tradition as well as rhythm, blues, rock, and funk in the American tradition. Students gain comprehension of rhythm, learning about more complex time signatures. Students start doing simple exercises of transcription and reading sheet music. At this level  students begin to work with harmonies while learning about non diatonic chords, secondary dominants, and the modes.
In the more advanced level, the students learn about contemporary Latin American and American music expressions like jazz, salsa, and fusion between the two traditions. At this point the student can follow a music chart, read chords, make more complex transcriptions, understand modal interchange, modal harmony, and create his/her own compositions.
At all three levels, the student has the opportunity to perform for his/her peers in the CNG music show at least two times during the semester.

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