MS/HS Athletics Begin

20 AUG

Out of Dress Code

23 AUG

ES Athletics Begin

26 AUG

3rd Grade Open House

26 AUG

1st & 2nd Grade Open House

27 AUG

4th & 5th Grade Open House

28 AUG

MS Open House

29 AUG

HS Open House

30 AUG

Parent Ambassadors & PTA BBQ for New Families

31 AUG

Come join us!
Strengthening the Body
The CNG Athletic Program, plays a very important part on the development of a strong sense of responsibility on our student's life before school, afterschool and weekends. Our main sports offered are Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Gymnastics and Table Tennis.
Condor Activities help CNG's mission while developing well rounded students by cultivating their talents and interests, and promoting social skills and integration, in a safe and healthy environment.

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