Student Organizations

How do Student Organizations make CNG a stand-out school? How can we prepare our students for a better tomorrow? By showing and modeling how involvement in CNG student organizations transforms them today!

CNG's Student Organizations

CNG has a wide variety of student organizations K4 through grade 12, and student organizations exist for every student. CNG has a wide range of organizations to fit students' personal interests and career aspirations and help them strengthen their abilities as leaders and transformative members of today’s world.

From Classroom Without Walls (CWW) and community service projects to Student Council and the CNG Ambassadors Program, students have a wide range of organizations to fit their personal interests and career aspirations.

When we think of Mind, Body, and Character and the holistic approach to educating our students, we believe our student organizations cause CNG to rise above other schools in the service leadership approach we take through our student coursework, our athletic and Condor activities, and our student organizations.

OURGroup of students in a student organizationOur CNG Student Ambassadors


As our students are encouraged to take on responsibilities and challenges to make a difference in the school community, Student Organizations also provide them with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to become better leaders.

Building an individual’s potential for excellence also starts with teaching time management for our students. Each student is balancing their time between rigorous coursework demands, after-school activities and sports, and important family time. Prioritizing and organizing is a skill that is taught and learned here at CNG especially when students add organizations to their full schedule.

We focus on having CNG students begin this growth process here and carry those attributes onto college and beyond. Additionally, joining a student organization is a great way to teach networking and how to share similar interests with other students while being exposed to and addressing real-world problems.

CNG focuses on building students’ mind, body and character extensively through the four C’s: Collaboration, Creativity, Communication, and Critical Thinking.  Student organizations let students come together and build a smaller learning community by learning to effectively communicate, organize and plan activities for the student group in which they participate.

Becoming a Leader

At CNG, we carefully select the leaders of our student groups to be focused and charismatic, relational and visionary, and able to identify ways to promote a growth mindset.  We also address and discuss important social issues from the community and determine appropriate and effective ways to work towards sustainable solutions. These qualities set CNG apart from other international schools.

Learning Experiences

Often a substantive amount of creativity is required to solicit support and engagement from students and the community that members of the student organization must generate.  In our experience, involvement in student organizations teaches students to collaborate better when students share an organization’s vision and try to carry out tasks that promote that mission.

Our students engage in real-world, authentic learning experiences that impact the entire community:

  • Planning events
  • Creating learning materials
  • Utilizing technology appropriately
  • Performing community service