School Counseling

CNG school counselors help enhance student success in academic, personal, social development, and career planning. The counseling team, which we believe is at the heart of support for all CNG students, includes ten school counselors and three college counselors who collaborate with all members of the school community.

Our Counseling Program Beliefs

  • Acknowledging and honoring the abilities, strengths, and needs of each of our students.
  • Fostering students’ academic, personal/social, and career goals.
  • Advocating for all students and valuing diversity and inclusion.
  • Understanding our students and their families from a holistic perspective.
  • Fostering a challenging and supportive environment where students feel safe and encouraged to reach their personal best.
  • Planning and implementing programs, lessons, and conferences that address academic, career, personal/social, and global perspectives themes.
  • Building communication bridges between members of our community.
  • Acting as a resource to students, teachers, parents, and administrators.
  • Facilitating student/family transitions into/out of building level/CNG community.
  • Providing individual and group counseling services as well as crisis intervention and mediation.
  • Assisting in the identification, referral and support of students who need testing and/or specialized services.
  • Ensuring that our counseling services and programs are responsive and tailored to our community’s needs.
  • Collaborating with all stakeholders to achieve our mission.