College Counselling

The mission of the CNG’s College and Career Counseling program is to help students set realistic goals in both career and college choices based on an honest and thorough evaluation of their aptitudes, interests, and values, in order to determine their best fit universities.

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Preparing for Higher Education

Through various activities, students are exposed to the different opportunities available to them. We then focus on motivating them to achieve their fullest individual potential for excellence, and guide them through their college application process to find the optimum “fit” or “match.”

Three full-time counselors work with all High School students helping them understand their higher education options and guide them through the university admissions process, be it locally or abroad. In ninth grade, the focus is on awareness, in tenth grade, the work is centered on exploration, the junior year is dedicated to growth, and the senior year is that of the application process itself.

The College Counseling Team

The College Counseling philosophy is based around the simple idea of teamwork. Counselors work together on all facets of the responsibilities, and even though one might have more experience in certain areas, counselors discuss, ask questions of each other, and work together to better serve students every day. Each student works with their assigned counselor starting in ninth grade, but when they have a query which might be better addressed by another member of the college counseling team, collaborations take place to ensure that the best information is relayed to each of our students.

Additionally, college counselors work year-round on developing a wide network of professional contacts and regularly attend conferences and college tours in order to stay on top of the latest trends and news in college admissions. Counselors stress the importance of course selection and academic progress, urge students to maintain good attendance, practice good citizenship, make wise social choices, and be involved in school activities.