Policies, Guidelines, & Forms

Condor Activities Conditions

  • All condor classes last one hour. (Schedules: 6:50 to 7:50 A.M, 2:15 to 3:15 P.M. and 3:30 to 4:30 P.M.)

  • Classes with more than ten students will have a teacher assistant for extra support.

  • Most classes are taught in Spanish providing non- native speakers an opportunity to immerse in the local culture.

  • Teachers report daily attendance and other relevant information to the Condor Activities Office.

  • Teachers will contact parents directly for all issues related to their activity.

  • Teachers pick students up at the designated meeting point, and then accompany them to the buses or gate.

  • Teachers will take their students to the Infirmary when considered necessary.

  • Students must attend classes regularly. If a child is unable to attend class, please inform to the Condor Activities Office at: sbaron@cng.edu

  • Students must commit to following the class rules and instructions.

  • If a child requires special instructional accommodations, the child’s case will be studied with the support of the Learning Center in order to determine his/her participation in the activity, and if he/she may require Learning Center support to ensure his/her successful participation in the activity. Learning Center support during activities may result in an extra cost to parents.

  • Parents must commit to paying the activity once they have registered their children.

Suzuki Music Program

  • The Suzuki program offers top quality music instruction (based on the world renowned  Suzuki teaching methodology) for three different instruments: Violin, Piano and Guitar.

  • The maximum number of students per instrument class is TWO.

  • Parent attendance to the class in K5, 1st and 2nd grade is highly recommended.

  • Instrument lessons are available from Monday to Friday, before (only for Elementary) and after school (Primary, Elementary, Middle and High School).

  • Middle and High school classes are available from Monday to Friday from 3:30 P.M. to 4:30 P.M.

  • Schedule will be assigned on a first-come, first serve basis.

  • All students must register online for first and second semester.

  • Returning students may continue to have the same teacher and schedule as they had last semester, by registering online by January 9.

  • Changes in schedule will be based upon availability.

  • All students must have their own personal musical instrument as well as the Suzuki book and CD according to their specific level.  (Book 1,2, or 3).  Additional information is given to parents on the first week of classes.

  • Any additional material requirements will be passed on to parents by the teacher.

  • Piano students must have a piano or keyboard at home for practice.

  • Attendance to all classes is highly recommended.

  • Daily practice is highly recommended.

  • Classes cancelled by parents will not be re-scheduled.

  • Any class cancelled by the Suzuki teacher will be re-scheduled depending on student's availability.    


Martial Arts

  • Students have a Belt Ceremony at the end of each semester.

  • Students take a test to ensure they are ready to move to the next level.

  • Belt colors are divided as follows:
    Beginners:  White, Yellow Stripe, Yellow, Orange Stripe, Orange.
    Intermediate:   Blue, Green Stripe, Green, Purple.
    Advanced:   Brown III, Brown II, Brown I, Black.

  • The recommended frequency of classes is two times per week, in order to progress at a normal rate.

  • Beginners (White to the Orange Stripe Belt) are allowed to take only one class per week.

  • For all students enrolled in Orange belt and above it is mandatory they take two classes per week due to the technical difficulty and discipline required to move to the next levels.

Uniform & Equipment

  • A uniform is required for Ballet, Martial Arts and Mountain Biking activities. The Martial Arts and Mountain biking uniforms may be ordered through the school. More information will be sent prior to the beginning of classes.

  • Equipment for  Mountain Biking and Skating  activities is required. Information will be sent prior to the beginning of classes.

  • Students must wear adequate clothing and have the necessary equipment for class according to the information sent. Children without adequate clothing and/or equipment will not be allowed to participate in class.


  • Fees cover costs for staff, materials, supplies, the use of campus facilities, and equipment or outsourcing.

  • Holidays, or special school days are not charged.

  • Special outings may have additional fees, and be charged separately.                           

  • Families signing up for 3 or more complete activities have a 10% discount.


  • Transportation is available to all students enrolled in the CNG Transportation Service on the 6:50 A.M, 3:30 P.M. and 4:45 P.M. routes, and for special off- campus activities.

  • Students not enrolled in the CNG Transportation Service, may purchase one ride tickets at the CNG Cashier (1st floor-Administration Building).


  • If a child is to be dropped off at an address other than his/her home, parents must notify the School Office in writing before noon of the day of the request.

  • Tournaments and field trips will be informed in writing. The CNG permission form will be included; this form must be sent to the Condor Activities Office at least one day prior to the outing.

  • Outings may have additional fees.


  • For special activities outside school that require transportation, it is understood that Colegio Nueva Granada will not be held responsible in case of an accident while participating in the activity or while riding the bus.

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