Semester exams are coming up quickly.  Here are some important guidelines/reminders for the exam period:
  • During the four exam days students will come to school only for the first two periods of the day according to this schedule:
    • Tuesday Dec. 12, Blocks 7 & 5
    • Wednesday Dec. 13, Blocks 8 & 6
    • Thursday Dec. 14, Blocks 1 & 3
    • Friday Dec. 15, Blocks 2 & 4
  • exams happen in the regular classrooms according to the above schedule.
  • Thursday Dec. 7 and Monday Dec. 11 are considered review days and there should be no new material introduced on those days
  • a review sheet will be provided at least four class periods (eight school days) prior to the summative evaluation date
  • courses taught by different teachers will have a common summative evaluation and assessment of the final will be done in common by the teachers.
You can see all the details in the Academic Program Guide 2017-2018 or here.

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