• Art Workshop
    Provides a space for students to explore artistic techniques and materials as they develop creativity and manual dexterity.
    Batik, Handbags, Stuffed Animals
    Students develop fine motor skills through different textile techniques as sewing, knitting, and painting cloth. Students design and make handbags and stuffed animals among other projects.
    Jewelry & Accessories

    Fine motor skills are reinforced as creativity and a sense of aesthetics are cultivated.

    Fashion Project

    Fashion creativity and design. Includes theory of color, silhouettes and stamping, developing sensitivity, personal style and creativity within fabrics and colors. Projects will focus in developing fashion clothing for dolls.

    Play Dough Workshop
    Students explore their imaginations as they develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, hand strength, agility, and basic sculpting notions.
    Students learn about food conservation, balanced nutrition, kitchen utensil management, and kitchen organization. Logical thinking is practiced as they follow the sequence of a recipe.
    Dance PS

    Students develop their skills in areas like movement, coordination, body management, musical coordination and musical rhythm.

    Dance ES

  • Dance UNCOLI ES
    4tn and 5th grade students participate in the Uncoli Dance Festival on March 28.
    Pre ballet
    Students develop their motor skills through rhythm and coordination games. Comprehension of the body, its muscles and its posture are achieved in a harmonious, playful group environment.
    Students develop concentration, flexibility, coordination, and musical rhythm training. Students are encouraged to internalize movement and technical steps until they become automatic and develop muscular strength.

    Offers a unique program combining yoga and mindfulness. Classes aim at teaching children to pay attention, increase focus, and balance their emotions—all while building physical strength and flexibility.

    Music Instruments
    Quality music instruction, based on the Suzuki method. The program is offered for: Violin, Piano and Guitar. Students must bring their own musical instrument.
    Students develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through the use of texts and learning activities.
    Martial Arts
    Students develop motor skills, coordination, self-control and discipline as self-defense and body awareness are practiced. Motor and mental dexterity are strengthened.
    Mountain Biking
    Students are taught specific techniques to better their bicycle control and physical fitness. Bike and required protective gear must be provided by each student.
  • Skating

    Students learn different skating techniques as they develop their gross motor skills, coordination and balance. Equipment must be provided by each student.

    Model Airplane Building
    Students learn to read construction drawings of scale model aircrafts. They also learn basic principles of aerodynamics and their relation to flying.
    Students learn about electricity and circuits as they enjoy experiments and projects related to robotics and electronics. They learn to construct their own robot.
    Science Experiments
    This course offers students the opportunity to obtain deeper knowledge of science through experiments that delve into the fundamentals of chemistry, physics and mathematics.
    Young Engineers
    Students are introduced to the basic principles of mathematics, science and engineering using motorized LEGO bricks that produce motion.
    Minecraft edu
    Students immerse in the world of Minecraft challenging their ingenuity and problem solving skills as they navigate through several engineering challenges. Students learn how to manage resources like an engineer in the real world.
    First Bike - Balance Bike
    Students acquire basic abilities in balance and coordination as they learn how to use bikes with novel design and innovative safety gear. Bikes will be provided by CNG. Students must bring the required protective gear.

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