Fundación Hogar Nueva Granada

The Fundacion Hogar Nueva Granada was founded in February of 2000 by the CNG community, to operate the Colegio Fundacion Nueva Granada (CFNG), as a part of our comprehensive commitment to social service and community outreach programs. 

The foundation school functions as a non-profit educational institution and provides a wide array of opportunities to children from pre-school through high school graduation. This purpose-built school is located on the CNG 20-acre campus and strives to provide a full technical high school education with emphasis on English-language acquisition. Other focuses include:

  • Nutritional support
  • Developmental workshops for parents
  • Afterschool enrichment programs
  • Medical care (including dental and psychological) for students and their families
  • Specialized center for the diagnosis and treatment of learning disabilities

The CFNG serves as a platform for its students to improve their lives and those of their communities. In 2014, the CFNG graduated its first senior class and continues to serve over 450 students from highly disadvantaged backgrounds.

Group of people participating in the foundacion hogar nueva granadaThe Hogar, as many members of the community fondly refer to it, has provided an opportunity for CNG students to actively engage with the school’s neighboring community and it has created an environment of acceptance and growth for both CNG students and CFNG students. Our school’s establishment and continuing support of the Hogar arose from our community’s desire to take an active leadership role in empowering underserved children and their families to overcome the lack of available public education, high drop-out rates, the semi-abandonment of children, extreme levels of malnutrition, and a dearth of basic social services.

As our chief social-outreach project at CNG, we welcome the participation of parent volunteers in its classrooms, co-curricular activities, library, and fundraising committee. Providers of medical support (doctors, pediatricians, dentists, and psychologists) are also encouraged to join our efforts at making a difference to those in need.

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