Community Service

CNG has a long-standing tradition of helping students demonstrate moral action by providing opportunities that are tied to the curriculum as well as our core values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, and Caring.

The Community Service and Service Learning Department supports teachers in coordinating and promoting service, in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring students participate in community service efforts and in curriculum-centered service learning projects.

Opportunities Within the Community

CNG students serve our school in a variety of leadership opportunities, such as elected Personero and Cabildante Representatives, Student Council, House Leaders, Admissions Ambassadors, and as members of the Sexual and Gender Diversity Alliance in High School.

Recently, the Condor Families program has become a positive addition to our school culture allowing students from K4 to Grade 12 to gather several times throughout the year with teachers and administrative staff and carry out fun activities fostering healthy relationships planned around the Core Values.

Our Parent Community

In addition to our strong internal culture of service, our parent community established the Colegio Fundación Nueva Granada in 2003.

Read more about the remarkable work carried out and ways in which you can get involved at Colegio Fundación Nueva Granada.

Global Community

On any given school year, CNG also supports over 50 non-profit organizations and global issues through school-run programs and important local issues related to the Peace process and conflict resolution. Students and teachers are increasingly bringing attention to important issues that they are passionate about and involving the school community to address them. 

Service is embedded in CNG and we are actively addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals and plan on increasing the knowledge and awareness of all community members to giving back in an intentional manner, working towards a better and more sustainable future for all.

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