Our Donors

We want to thank a group of leaders who are already sharing our vision and dreams for building CNG’s future:

  • Sara, Annabelle, Aria and Martina Carrizosa
  • Cortés Families
  • Francisco Díaz and Family
  • Gabriel Echavarría and Family
  • Escobar Families
  • Fernando Jaramillo and Family
  • Roberto Moreno and Family
  • Grupo Colpatria and Pacheco Family
  • Antonio Puerto and Family
  • Luis Carlos Sarmiento Gutiérrez and Family
  • Harry Sasson and Family
  • Carlos Andrés Uribe and Family
  • Eduardo Zarate and Family

Thank you for joining us as we continue to build on the legacy of our founders who believed in the power of visionary people coming together and building a better future for others.

If you wish to join this group of visionary leaders and legacy families and contribute to the Building CNG’s Future Campaign, please contact:

Diana Colmenares V.
Director of Development and Community Relations
+5712123511, ext. 104

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