Advanced Placement Academy

CNG fully embraces the College Board’s Advancement Placement program through our AP Academy. Building upon a course scope and sequence started at elementary and strengthened through our new, Pre-AP courses at High School, students may choose from among 26 AP courses to pursue their academic passions and interests.

CNG students who want a rigorous academic challenge may elect to participate in two distinct and challenging diploma programs offered by the College Board.

The Advanced Placement International Diploma

The Advanced Placement International Diploma offers recognition to CNG students who reflect an international mindset through their AP course of study. Students need to be successful on 5 AP exams in four different content areas that exhibit the students’ appreciation of a global perspective in:

  • English and Foreign Language
  • Math
  • Science

The College Board AP Capstone Diploma

The College Board AP Capstone Diploma prepares CNG high school students for higher education by requiring students to explore and build their knowledge of independent research, collaboration with peers, and communication skills. Students who strive to earn this prestigious diploma must successfully earn credit in AP Seminar, AP Research, and four other AP courses.

AP Seminar

AP Seminar requires a team project, an individual research-based essay in which the students must incorporate College Board-provided material, an oral defense of both the project and essay, and a course exam.

AP Research

AP Research calls for students to prepare, research, present, and defend an academic thesis of their choosing. During the year-long process to develop their thesis, students must consult an outside expert and conduct quantitative or qualitative research.

Student workingIn recent years, CNG students have tackled such subjects as the impact of the Colombian civil war on national parks, environmentally friendly and socially responsible construction methods, and a musical study comparing distinct genres across a historical spectrum. Some students have taken a highly creative and experiential approach, writing a rock opera or crafting a special type of samurai sword, to name only a few.

Both the AP International Diploma and the Capstone Diploma offer CNG students distinct opportunities to push the boundaries of their intellectual curiosity while simultaneously preparing for the rigors of higher education, and we believe the AP Capstone is the pinnacle of a student’s cumulative learning experience from their time at CNG.

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